Your Heart Rate Zone = Your Results

How Do I Track My Heart Rate?

We use MyZone chest straps to track in real time!

It picks up electric signals generated by contractions of your heart.

Wear it under clothing and make sure it has good contact with your skin. It is a chest strap that tracks all your physical activities. The straps are adjustable for a comfortable but should be a secure fit right below the center of your chest.  

They use wireless and cloud technology to monitor heart rate, calories burned, and exercise time. See & track your progress.

Burn Stubborn Fat

Stay In The Optimal Fat Burning Zones

Tracking your heart rate can help you find the correct workout intensity for your body.

Here’s a general look at what each zone represents:

max heart rate (MHR)

Gray ZOne:

= 50-60% of (MHR): Low-intensity

Blue Zone:

= 60-70% of MHR: Light

Green Zone:

= 70-80% of MHR: Moderate

Yellow Zone:

= 80-90% of MHR: Hard

Red Zone:

= 90-100% of MHR: Maximum

Our Goal for you is to stay within they Green & Yellow Zones during your workout which are you max fat burning zones.

*Every now and then during your workout try to hit red if you can but the goal isn't to stay in red so don't be hard on yourself if you're not in Red Zone the whole workout.

Remember that intensity and heart rate will differ for each person. 

Understand and plan your workout better with your heart rate in mind. A heart rate tracker gives you an objective measurement of your efforts and workout habits. Use the data collected to adapt your game plan. Once you start tracking, you have more control over your results.


Continuous heart rate tracking informs you the heart rate zone you are currently working in so you’ll know when to maintain or pick up your pace every workout. 

Tracking your heart rate helps you train safely and more effectively, too. You get the most out of your workout.

The heart doesn't lie!

Tracking your heart rate motivates you to become more responsible and consistent.

Train with efficiency in mind. Each & every workout counts towards your goal!

Start getting the best results!


Working out in your fat-burning zone leads to weight loss as it taps into the fat stores for energy instead of your sugar or carbohydrates.

Tracking your heart rate helps you assess how many calories you burn more accurately. 

Heart rate trackers consistently measure the number of calories burned.

Regular trackers usually monitor duration and distance... heart rate trackers consider the sex, weight, and intensity of your workout too. 

Get the most from your workout sessions.

Understand and plan the proper exercise intensity for you by tracking your heart rate. Whether your goal is to lose weight or improve your fitness level, monitoring your heart rate will help you get the results you want.